Defending Art and Culture in Brighton: An emergency panel discussion and conversation (19th June 2023)
June 9, 2023
Podcast 39: Defending Arts and Culture in Brighton: An emergency Panel
June 26, 2023

Our Letter to UoB Senior Management

Dear Debra Humphris, Stephen Maddison, Senior Management and Board of Governors of the University of Brighton, 

As the founder and organiser of Exploding Appendix, a Community Arts and Research Group based in Brighton, I have had the real honour of interviewing eight of Brighton University’s most formidable and pioneerings academics over the last two years at our regular salons that take place every three weeks.  These academics are each working on such fascinating subjects, doing vital research, and sharing their work with our community with such clarity and accessibility. It has often been remarked to me by attendees of our events just how envious they are of their students, and I agree. What has been produced in Brighton University’s Humanities department is a really fantastic achievement, but this is seriously under threat. The proposed redundancies will not only gut the university, but also decimate the highly valuable social outreach and impact that benefits our city as a whole. I am therefore deeply shocked and saddened that many of these people that I feel honoured to have engaged with are facing the prospect of redundancy. This will be a fundamental loss for Brighton and a devastating loss for our city. I strongly hope Brighton University will rethink this terrible decision. 

Bradley Tuck

Founder, Exploding Appendix

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