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September 26, 2020
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October 7, 2020

Podcast 16: Night Sweats & Fever Dreams: A Live Discussion with Oli Spleen and Nick Hudson


On the 19th May 2020, we were joined by Oli Spleen (Pink Narcissus, Spleen, and solo work Gaslight illuminations) and Nick Hudson (The Academy of Sun) to discuss their recent collaboration Night Sweats & Fever Dreams (2020) an album that deals with Oli’s diagnosis with HIV in 1999 and hospitalisation with AIDS defining complications in the summer of 2000. Returning to these experiences twenty years later, Oli Spleen has collaborated with Nick Hudson to produce “a fevered, hallucinogenic mirror to the desperate times when the threat of death at the hands of AIDS was a terrifying reality for many gay men.”
In this session we discuss the album, the themes and experiences raised in it and its relationship to both Oli Spleen and Nick Hudson’s other projects, as well as playing some excerpts from the album.


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To listen to the Album in full, visit Oli Spleen’s bandcamp.