Podcast 39: Defending Arts and Culture in Brighton: An emergency Panel
June 26, 2023
Manifesto Workshop (23rd August 2023)
July 23, 2023

Defending Arts and Culture in Brighton: Follow up Session & Call for Collaboration. 27th July 2023.

Following the great turn out at our last panel, we are hosting another Defending Art & Culture meeting!

Join us at the Phoenix Art Space (10–14 Waterloo Place, Brighton) on Thursday, 27th July for a discussion on creativity and our community. 

The White Room, Pheonix Art Space,

10–14 Waterloo Place
Brighton, BN2 9NB

27th  July 2023.


The session is free, however, in the interest of gauging numbers could you please respond here

Call for Collaborators

The City of Brighton and Hove is renowned for its breath-taking contributions to art and culture. The many artistic and cultural groups, events and their interplay with the universities and other organisations help make Brighton a unique city to live in. The recent closure of the CCA at Brighton University, the proposed compulsory redundancies that look set to decimate the humanities at the University of Brighton, as well as more general issues around cuts, funding, and a cost-of-living crisis seriously threaten the artistic achievements of this city as a whole.

For this very reason we are organising a collaborative conversation aimed at bringing together an array of artists, art groups and organisations, independent interdisciplinary researchers and anyone who contributes to, or benefits from, the cultural make-up of this city.

We’re looking for people who want to collaborate in bringing together material through interviews, conversations, short videos, soundbites or other artistic expressions in order to document people’s experience and give voice and visibility to how the current crisis is affecting us all.

Our main questions are:

    1. How is the current climate around Arts, Humanities and Culture affecting you right now and those around you in Brighton and Hove?  

    1. What do you think we need individually or collectively to sustain ourselves into the future.

We thinking of three elements that could come together:

    • A collective effort to gather conversations and expressions around our main questions

    • Manifesto workshops with the aim of creating a repository of manifestos in writing and diverse art form for the city

    • A series of grass roots encounters, workshops and assemblies to create a coalition that defends our rights and fights for our future.

If you’re interested in this, please come to a first gathering on July 27th 6-8pm at Phoenix White Room. For more info: explodingappendix@gmail.com