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May 22, 2019
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July 12, 2019

Artist in Residence: Nick Hudson and The Quiet Earth Project

Nick Hudson (2019) the Sigil box from The Quiet Earth Hypersigil Project


Throughout 2018 we were honoured to be joined by Daniel & Clara as artist in residency for the year. This year artist and composer Nick Hudson will be picking up the baton and sharing his exciting new endeavour, The Quiet Earth Hypersigil Project. Throughout the development of the project Nick will be sharing pieces to the site and collaborating with us extensively.  We are really excited to collaborate with Nick, and can’t wait to see what he produces. Below Nick opens with an introduction to his residency, an opening description of his project and an accompanying video.


Nick Hudson


Artist In Residence Introduction:
As a creative artist working with a sustained and obsessive prolificacy across a broad span of disciplines, it’s a pleasure to be invited by Exploding Appendix to be artist in residence for this next season – Exploding Appendix is as at least as diverse and polymorphous as the output of my practice, and so to be asked to contribute transmissions as I go about preparing to release a record, while extending in tandem the global tendrils of The Quiet Earth Hypersigil Project – alongside writings, video artworks, land art (non-)interventions, Burroughsian ‘routines’, and screwed-up little vignettes – it can only aid in the staying of my mania to have this organizing principle…this shipping container… this digital ark of the covenant, at the other end of the rainbow.
I hope you’ll enjoy the transmissions. My collaborators and I have many expeditions lined up as part of The Quiet Earth project, and I shall be partially treating this Exploding Appendix platform as a means by which to publish real-time reflections, travelogues, video blogs etc, as I undertake them. First up is Svalbard, in the High Arctic, in early May, with Portland and Seattle to come in June, and Estonia/Russia later this year…
Right. Onwards. Outwards. Evermore.
Nick xxx




The Quiet Earth explores landscape, psychogeography, narratives of place, hauntology and societal rituals in liminal wildernesses via video art, prose, projection mapping, sigil technology and music. Exploring the voices less amplified, of the last to turn out the lights.”