It’s Not The Homosexual… Panel Speaker Profile – Bradley Tuck
November 14, 2013
Issue 12 Vol.2 | December 2013 | “Trash, Exploitation, Cult” Special
December 16, 2013


Kay is a filmmaker and great friend of One+One – we love his perversity and his willingness to share it with us. He will be joining us on the panel this Saturday after our screening of Rosa Von Praunheim’s It’s Not The Homosexual Who Is Perverse But The Society In Which He Lives, book tickets here.


James Marcus Tucker: Are you now or have you ever been a homosexual?
Kay Fi’ain: I fluctuate in whether I am prepared to take on any label. Sometimes I will fiercely adopt a label and shout it from the rooftops, other times it seems like such an imposed limitation. Whether I have been a homosexual depends largely on whether I have been female for most of my life. It’s true that biologically I would be classified female, and that this female has certainly had sexual encounters with plenty of women. However the fact that I have always felt very male in a sense would make me a straight man. Therefore yes I suppose as I identify as Male and I have also slept with homosexual men you could say I’ve have been a homosexual.
JMT: Are you at all perverse? If not, why not?
KF: There was a time when I believed I was the most perverse person on the planet but that unfortunately is the legacy of a Catholic upbringing; if you have a cunt you are perverse and there is no escaping it. Now of course I love my perversity with a passion – if that is what you choose to call it. I am so glad I was born a pervert; I have great pity for any of those unfortunates who are not, and to tell you the truth I really don’t know what it is they do????
JMT: Tell me something about the society in which you live.
KF: The great entertainment in my society is the wonderful British habit of complete denial, and the absolute refusal to see the truth in situations. This manifests itself in many charming ways such as: A fondness for certain traditions, like the class system, which unlike America and possibly the rest of Europe is not strictly defined by economics, but also by class taste and language. These are so specific to that particular group it makes it almost impossible to move convincingly from one class to another. At the top of this class structure we have, of course, our wonderful Queen Elizabeth who sits like a great Lizard over the whole thing, owning all our land and therefore all our natural resources along with other parts of the world of course. Owning more Palaces and a damn sight more shoes and handbags than any Filipino or African dictator. And yet we say she has no power???? I tell you Imelda Marcos aint got nothing on her. Still those curios British – even the ones who vehemently swear on their anti-racist credentials – still love their Queen, totally failing to see the racism in the idea of a Royal blood line. Another bizarre denial is a strange belief that the hundreds and hundreds of years of hideous cruelty, slavery, oppression, colonisation, rape, and destruction and complete wipe-out of whole peoples and the carving up of their land for the financial benefit of the “British Ruling Class” was somehow not nearly as bad as what those terrible Germans did between 1933 and 1945? I mean, when the British inflict abuse it must surely be for the good of the people being abused. In my attempts to try understand where this ideology has come from, I did several years research on the S&M scene where I got to cane many a public-school bottom. My understanding is that these establishments are the likely “hotbeds” for this teaching. (“This will hurt me more than you”)
There are, of course, many good things in Britain. Unfortunately on closer examination it does appear that most of these were stolen from somewhere else in the world, One thing I do love is the English language – unfortunately this is best spoken on the lips of either the Irish or a Jamaican.
JMT: What’s your favourite perverted film or film about perverts?
KF: I always found the underlying DS (Domestic Discipline) in Little House on the Prairie particularly thrilling when I was a child.
JMT: What can straight people learn from the queers?
KF: How to bend.