The Typographic Imaginary In Early Modern English Literature: A Live Conversation with Rachel Stenner (In person and Online – 24th October 2023
August 20, 2023
Defending Arts and Culture in Brighton: A Call for Stories and Submissions
August 20, 2023

Manifestos for the City (Brighton and Hove): Call for Submissions.

As part of our Defending Art and Culture in Brighton Series, we are attempting to build a dossier of the many diverse manifestos for our city. If you are an individual, collective or organisation based in Brighton and Hove (or the surrounding area) and you have a compelling vision for the city, we welcome you to submit.  

In our quest to assemble a dynamic digital compendium, we seek to gather an array of manifestos that intersect with the spirit of Brighton. We welcome a variety of perspectives and approaches. These manifestos are not confined to a singular form; they can encompass diverse mediums such as the written word, typography, zines, collages, performances, films, and more.

If your creative expression has given rise to a manifesto or if the idea of formulating one beckons to you, we encourage you to connect with us at Join us in shaping the narrative of our city through your unique manifesto.

If you want support on creating a manifesto, see our upcoming workshops:

23rd August. 10am-1pm.  Location: The Lighthouse.

More to follow soon