The Birthday Party: An Exploding Appendix Special with Bradley Tuck (In-Venue and on-line interactive session. 22nd November 2022)
November 5, 2022
Cesspit Alley
December 23, 2022

The Exploding Appendix Annual Dada Cabaret and Christmas Party (In Person and Online – 13th December 2022)

Image. Section from Marcel Janco, Cabaret Voltaire, 1916

In time honored tradition, Exploding Appendix welcomes you to their fourth night of art and anti-art, participatory creativity and revelry! Inspired by the great Dadist nightclub, Cabaret Voltaire that was founded in 1916 in Zürich by Hugo Ball, Emmy Hemmings, Marcel Janco, Richard Huelsenbeck, Tristan Tzara, Sophie Taeuber-Arp and Jean Arp, we welcome you to a night of anti-art cabaret. Let us scale the heights of Dadaist vaudeville! Compile all your half-baked ideas, excremental absurdism, provocative poetry, non-sense noises, unprepared performance, misadvised music, delirious dance, disjointed manifestos and unacceptable art in the service of our great desecration of a Christmas party.  If you would like to contribute something or have any questions, please message me at explodingappendix [at]

This session will be run as part of the Exploding Appendix Avant-garde Art Practice and Research Group’s meetup which happens every three weeks. The sessions are free and open to everyone.

This session will take place both online via Zoom and in person at The Artist Residence, Brighton, UK. The Artists Residence can be found on 33 Regency Square, Brighton, BN1 2GG. Join us in Venue from 7pm and online from 7:30pm (UK time). To book a free place in the venue, click here. For any questions, please message me at

The online session will also take place via Zoom ( The meeting ID is 891 1556 6980.  The passcode is “069678”.

This session will be run by Bradley Tuck and take place on Tuesday the 13th December 2022 from 19:00 – 22:00 (UK time). If you have any questions, please message me at