Issue 10 | February 2013 | “Pornography and Sex in the Cinema” Special
February 25, 2013
Eyes Wide Open – The Garden
March 5, 2013

Pornography Panel Debate – Full Transcription


By James Marcus Tucker
On 8th December 2012, One+One hosted a panel debate at the London Underground Film Festival entitled “New Adventures in Pornography”.  The panel consisted of 4 young theorists and took in the subjects of pornification, extreme porn, state funding of porn, the social utility of porn and addiction narratives.
Issue 10 of the journal includes an edited version of the debate, but, for those interested in the entire conversation, a PDF is available below.  This PDF will be sent to various potentially interested parties – such as educational institutions – in due course.
Click here to read and/or download the PDF of the full transcription.