Issue 1 | May 2009
May 31, 2009
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April 15, 2010

Issue 2 | August 2009

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Editorial by Matthew Hamblion


Each issue, we bring you interviews, essays and reports written by creators, for creators. Rather than something separate, we see analysis and criticism as being another part of the creative process. These articles feed in to our own work, and we hope that – whether you agree with their content or not – they inspire you in some way to do something yourself.
One + One is fiercely independent. We are supported by kind donations from local businesses and individuals, and we’ve traded off salaries and glossy paper for a chance to honestly criticise the film industry. We believe that we must, all of us, escape from the accountants, middlemen and bureaucrats who cling to us like leeches syphoning wealth and power in exchange for their supposedly expert input.
Our last issue focused on how films and their creators can – and must – change. This time, we’ve tried to take some of those ideas and lay them bare in the real world. Daniel Fawcett has spoken to James Mackay, who confirmed some of his beliefs about filmmaking and the industry, and adorned them with new insights. Dan Childs has unearthed another beautiful and unique gem – Vincent Moon – and spoken with some of his musical collaborators. James Marcus Tucker has investigated film and truth in relation to an abhorrent crime: the war in Iraq. And I embarked on a quest for Orson Welles, during the course of which I was hoping to challenge my entire, rational view of the universe.
Enjoy the journal. Please, get in contact with us should you wish to discuss anything you’ve read here, or come along to the Brighton Filmmakers’ Coalition (details on back cover) to meet possible collaborators.


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Vincent Moon by Dan Childs
Awesome Welles by Matthew Hamblion
Interview with James Mackay by Daniel Fawcett
Salò – Art Prophesising Life by James Marcus Tucker
Cinema and the Enlightenment to Come Part 2 by Bradley Tuck
Brighton Filmmakers Coalition Film Challenge Report by Fiona Hurd