Exploding Appendix Podcast 13: Radicalism & Subversion in an Age of Cuck Wars and Empowerment Politics w/ Jessa Crispin
August 27, 2018
Exploding Appendix Avant-Garde Art Practice & Research Group: October Schedule
October 1, 2018

Cineblatz (1967, Jeff Keen )

Cineblatz (1967, Jeff Keen)


The Exploding Appendix Avant-garde Art and Research Group (EAAARG) is a weekly meet-up upstairs at The Marwood, 52 Ship Street Brighton, England, BN1 1AF. The meet up will start at 7.30pm every Tuesday.
Our aim is to create a space where artists, intellectuals and others can meet to discuss ideas, issues and creative projects. The evening is composed of two elements.  On the one hand, evenings tend to comprise of relaxed informal discussions about art, art projects and ideas. On the other hand, we try and add something different each week. This might be a film screening, a live performance, an improvisation/creative session, a work in progress session, a reading group, a guest talk, an interview, a panel discussion, a debate, a reading group, a workshop, an exhibition, live music or a party. This is all very flexible and can be built around the interests of the group.
EAAARG will run alongside the Exploding Appendix website (www.explodingappendix.com), a multimedia online magazine that produces videos, podcasts, articles, interviews and visual essays exploring ideas and culture generally, and can be used as a platform for presenting projects related to the group.
Whilst drawing upon the history of avant-gardist and counter-cultural ideas we aim to explore a wide range of issues beyond the narrow purview of conventional art discussion. We welcome people working within different disciplines, different artistic mediums and coming from very different perspectives.
Below is the schedule for September:


Behind the scenes on The Cake Tasting Society. Photo by Sara Budd.

September 4th 2018:
The Cake Tasting Society Wrap Party
Throughout the summer the Exploding team have been working on a feature film, and after a day of shooting on the 4th they will be retiring to The Marwood for pizza, music and drinks.









Meshes in the Afternoon (Maya Deren)

September 11th 2018:
Multimedia Film Quiz
This week we will be running an informal art discussion alongside a multi-media film quiz. The quiz will utilise film clips and soundtracks to provide a selection of questions on commercial, experimental and underground cinema.





September 18th 2018:
Cameraflage: A Digital Art Makeup Workshop with Ioanna Alexia Pitsillou-Kruizenga
A talk and practical tutorial on expressive responses to modern surveillance.


September 25th 2018:
Make up for Dadaists with Ioanna Alexia Pitsillou-Kruizenga