The Exploding Appendix Avant-garde Art and Research Group – September Programme
September 2, 2018
Two Evenings of Films by Daniel & Clara Presented by Exploding Appendix
October 17, 2018


The Exploding Appendix Avant-garde Art Practice and Research Group  meets upstairs at The Marwood, 52 Ship Street Brighton, England, BN1 1AF. The meet ups start at 7.30pm regularly on a Tuesday.
Our aim is to create a space where artists, intellectuals and others can meet to discuss ideas, issues and creative projects. Evenings tend to comprise of relaxed informal discussions about art, art projects and ideas, as well as a focal point. This might be a film screening, a live performance, an improvisation/creative session, a work in progress session, a reading group, a guest talk, an interview, a panel discussion, a debate, a workshop, an exhibition, live music or a party. This is all very flexible and can be built around the interests of the group.
The meetup runs alongside the Exploding Appendix website (, a multimedia online magazine that produces videos, podcasts, articles, interviews and visual essays exploring ideas and culture generally, and can be used as a platform for presenting projects related to the group.
Whilst drawing upon the history of avant-gardist and counter-cultural ideas we aim to explore a wide range of issues beyond the narrow purview of conventional art discussion. We welcome people working within different disciplines, different artistic mediums and coming from very different perspectives.
Below is the schedule for October:


The Quest For The Cine-Rebis (2016, Daniel & Clara)

2nd October 2018 – THE QUEST FOR THE CINE-REBIS (Short Film Screening and Meetup)
Artists Daniel & Clara have been working together since 2010, making experimental films, performances and photography. Their shared interest in the history and language of cinema as well as art history, psychology, mythology and performance permeates all of their work. Since meeting they have worked exclusively together seeing themselves as two halves of a single artist.
Throughout 2018 they are artists in residence at Exploding Appendix taking part in a year long interview published monthly as well as screenings and the production of new work.
This Autumn, Exploding Appendix will present a weekend of screenings of their films featuring the UK premiere of their 100 short film Studio Diary Series. As a warm up to this event Exploding Appendix’s Bradley Tuck will be screening their short film The Quest For The Cine-Rebis at The Exploding Appendix Avant-garde Art and Research Group and give an introduction to their work.
The Quest For The Cine-Rebis is a video essay meditation on the art of cinema and the journey of the artist, created to accompany a manifesto of the same name. Both the written text and video address the history of the cinema from the perspective that what has passed is just a beginning and there are a great many possibilities still to explore. This short 25min film boldly shakes up filmmaking conventions while offering ways to rethink our cinematic heritage and revitalise the art of filmmaking for the contemporary artist.



9th October – Exploding Appendix Experimental Jam Session Feat. Jothi + Guests
This Tuesday, the Exploding Appendix Avant-garde Art and Research Group will be having an experimental jam session featuring Jothi, SybeliKa Ade and other guests.
*Everyone is welcome to participate.
*Bring your own instrument; noise boxes, bongos, plaster molds of trumps face, anything that makes a noise!!
*The event is free.
*All welcome.



16th October – Exploding Appendix Art In Progress Session and Meeting
This Tuesday, the Exploding Appendix Avant-garde Art and Research Group will be meeting in order to…
* discuss ideas, projects and plans
* share any work-in-progress and give feedback.
*discuss topics and relevant issues.
Please bring things you would like to share. Different backgrounds and perspectives welcome. Different mediums and interests welcome. Everyone welcome. The event is free.



30th October 2014 – Being in a Band: When the Leeds Art Experiment Went Pop
This coming Tuesday at the Exploding Appendix Avant-garde Art and Research Group, Gavin Butt will be presenting a talk on ‘Being in a Band: When the Leeds Art Experiment Went Pop’:
“What happens when artists get together to form a band? After punk in 1976, many art students in the Northern English city of Leeds rejected the hackneyed image of the artist as a lone genius in a garret, downed paintbrushes in favor of guitars and synthesizers, and formed groups to challenge the limits of what was deemed possible in rock and pop music. Born of a permissive milieu of conceptual and performance art, and of radical theorizing, they took avant-garde ideas out from the artist’s studio to the record buying public, even to Top of the Pops and American Bandstand. Members of bands as diverse as Gang of Four, Delta 5, Mekons, Scritti Politti, and Soft Cell created situationist anti-rock, feminist funk, and amateur art-punk, penned deconstructed pop ditties about Jacques Derrida, and made electro-dance music about “sex dwarfs”: all to shake-up, even détourne, the late seventies and early eighties music industry.
All of these bands hailed from a once celebrated, now largely obscure, art school scene.
This talk explores the importance of regional UK art schools for the emergence of popular culture in the 1970s and 1980s when higher education was fully state-funded, and when the avant-garde moved from performance and conceptual art towards post-punk musical experiment. It follows a group of students who set out to transform the public sphere on the eve of neoliberalism and Margaret Thatcher’s victory at the polls.
The talk stems from a forthcoming book of the same name.”