August 6, 2023


Notes on the Erotics of Blood Exchange The Fashion Offensive #2 Written by Bradley TuckPhotography by Eloise PannettModel: Bradley TuckIntermission film by Bradley TuckStarring Eloise Pannett […]
July 23, 2023

Manifesto Workshop (23rd August 2023)

    From Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto to Valerie Solanas’ SCUM Manifesto, manifestos have been a playful and mobilising way to launch a mission to the world. […]
July 11, 2023

Defending Arts and Culture in Brighton: Follow up Session & Call for Collaboration. 27th July 2023.

Following the great turn out at our last panel, we are hosting another Defending Art & Culture meeting! Join us at the Phoenix Art Space (10–14 […]
June 26, 2023

Podcast 39: Defending Arts and Culture in Brighton: An emergency Panel

The City of Brighton and Hove is renowned for its breathtaking contributions to art and culture. The many artistic and cultural groups, events and their interplay […]