Exploding Appendix Program 2023 (September to December)
August 20, 2023
Cocktails as Theatre: A Live Conversation with The Society of Cocktails (Online and in Person – 3rd October 2023)
August 20, 2023

¬¬Sex: A Workshop on Sex Double Negativity (online and In person – 12th September 2023)

Join us as we dive into the paradoxes of sex and its puzzling ambiguities. Classical logicians tell us that a double-negative is a positive, yet in the intricate realm of our daily lives, clarity often eludes us. On this night, full of contractions, we will explore an act of sex that is not sex, but also not not sex, which means that it is sex, but it is also not sex at the same time, sort of. Drawing on the work of dialecticians like Hegel and Marx, and the psychoanalysis of Jacques Lacan, Georges Bataille, Andrea Dworkins, Shulamith Firestone, Mario Mieli and Guy Hocquenghem, we will provocatively examine the shadows that shroud desire, unraveling the complex web of tensions that push us beyond sex-negativity and sex-positivity into the strange realm of the double-negative.

Transcending theory, we will also work on practical exercises to design ¬¬Sex Acts—those not-not-sex encounters that defy definition.

Session Lead: Bradley Tuck

In Person: Southern Belle, 3, Waterloo Street Hove

On Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85435609681?pwd=Mkt0WXd5Z1V0K2JudytXb1FqemlZUT09

Meeting ID: 854 3560 9681

Passcode: 134291

Time: 7pm Doors. 7:30pm-10pm

Book a free place on Eventbrite (this really helps us get an idea of numbers and is really appreciated): ¬¬SEX: A Workshop on Sex Double Negativity Tickets, Tue 12 Sep 2023 at 19:00 | Eventbrite

September to December Program

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