Podcast 26: Up the Republic! w/ Richard Barbrook
June 14, 2021
Podcast 27: The Dirtbag Left w/ Amber A’Lee Frost
June 16, 2021


Hey everyone, Bradley here. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure and challenge of going on Greg Scorzo’s Art of Thinking podcast. These sessions are a strange mixture of interview, philosophical interrogation, therapy session and surreal satire. When you go into these interviews you never know exactly what to expect, but you always come out feeling like you have been through something and learned something.
In the first session Greg asked me about my new film The Cake Tasting Society, post-2014 political culture, Slavoj Žižek, contemporary Feminism, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, the male gaze, paradoxes of sexual liberation, and Queer Identity.



In the second session, Greg asked me about my early life, the origins of Exploding Appendix, the difference between transgression and evil, why the good is often more potent when it’s shrouded by danger, why sex and violence is no longer taboo, what is offensive in the 21st century, the pressures on females to conform to market demands, why we allow the market to pressure people into doing things we would never allow a person to pressure people to do, and the importance of agency in people who get bullied.



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