Exploding Appendix Questionnaire: Wendy Liu
March 14, 2020
‘The Avant-garde in Crisis’ (Online Group Video Session)
March 23, 2020

Exploding Appendix Quarantine Hub (Online Meetings)


Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, the general meetings of the Exploding Appendix Avant-garde Practice and Research Group (Brighton Chapter) will be subject to rescheduling (see here). In the meantime, we aim to create a series of online meetings. These meetings will continue to take the history (and future) of avant-garde art and radical counterculture as their starting point, whilst aiming to address a plethora of issues. This will offer the opportunity for a range of people to share random thoughts, ideas and to discuss projects (any projects) they may be working on. We love the idea of people from a vast range of backgrounds sharing ideas with each other, and welcome anyone wherever you may be.  A series of video group chats will be organised for anyone interested in the next few days. If you would like to join please either message me at explodingappendix@gmail.com or join our Facebook group.
Although we would be postponing some of the scheduled events, I hope we can continue to find ways to build discussions, share ideas and projects with each other and offer mutual support in a period of uncertainty. Whilst upcoming topic will be postponed, we can develop sessions based on topics that seem relevant now, as well as adapting bygone presentations that can be resurrected for online discussion. Alternative ideas and contributions are certainly welcome.


Some previous topics have included:
  • Heretical Sects and Radical Millenarians in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Period
  • Greed, Laziness and the Abolition of Work
  • Gene Youngblood’s Expanded Cinema
  • The Xenofeminist Manifesto
  • Utopianism and Science Fiction in the Russian Revolution
  • Mark Fisher’s The Weird and the Eerie
  • The Early French Avant-garde: From the French Revolution to the Paris Commune
  •  Psychomagic and the Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky


I look forward to conversing with you all soon,
Lots of love and keep safe,
Bradley xx