Film Panic Issue 5 The New Visionary Cinema
Daniel & Clara: An Interview in 12 parts. Part 6: Film Panic Magazine
July 11, 2018
Short Film Screening: ECSTATIC VISIONS Part 1 Five New Visionary Films Selected by Daniel & Clara
July 20, 2018

Exploding Appendix Podcast 12: Diversity Capitalism: Walter Benn Michaels on Neoliberalism and Equal Opportunities.


In this episode of the Exploding Appendix Podcast, Bradley Tuck will be joined by Walter Benn Michaels to discuss the relationship between neo-liberalism, capitalism and equal opportunities. Why are capitalists committed to diversity in the workplace, and will this make any difference to increasing inequality?
Walter Benn Michaels is an English professor at The University of Illinois at Chicago. He has written numerous books such as Our America: Nativism, Modernism and Pluralism, The Shape of the Signifier: 1967 to the End of History, The Trouble with Diversity: How we learned to love identity and ignore inequality, and The Beauty of a Social Problem: Photography, Autonomy, Economy.
In this podcast you will hear a clip from a Starbucks Advert about diversity ‘A look at what Diversity looks like at Starbucks’, Ta-Nehisi Coastes discussing the book Racecraft with Barbara Fields. A clip from Wife Swap, season one episode two, Karen E. Fields discussing her book Racecraft in ‘In Conversation: Karen E. Fields and Barbara J. Fields and Michel Foucault’s lectures on ‘The Culture of the Self‘ delivered at UC Berkeley on April 12, 1983.