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July 1, 2018
Film Panic Issue 5 The New Visionary Cinema
Daniel & Clara: An Interview in 12 parts. Part 6: Film Panic Magazine
July 11, 2018

Plot Points (2018) Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais

By Bradley Tuck


Last week Exploding Appendix joined Daniel & Clara in Portugal. The trip was organised to coincide with their 2018 artist residency. So far, throughout the year, this residency has mainly manifested as a year long interview in 12 parts discussing their work and their approach to cinema. Last week, however, we were able to collaborate in person. We were in Portugal for only five days, but it was a very busy and productive period. We shot the footage for a guest directed dance video (part of the Exploding Appendix Dance Video series) that will be presented on the Exploding Appendix site later in the year. We were also able to shoot the footage for a feature film (see details below). If that wasn’t enough, Daniel & Clara were able to produce two Studio Diaries (part of a video series they are working on) that chronicles some of the events of those five days.


Studio Diaries

26 – 29.06.2018

Plot Points: A Motion Picture by Daniel & Clara
Daniel & Clara have just announced that they have finished shooting a feature film, which we were delighted to be a part of. They describe the film as “a film about a group of characters stranded in a mist covered seaside town, the ocean, sorrow, the colour blue, and a film remembering cinema.”
“The ocean, the ocean, the endless ocean. The mist, the mist, the endless mist. The tears, the tears, the endless tears. The passing of time is a slow walk from room to room filled with memories and dreams, the carpet worn by lovers steps as they creep around hoping time does not catch them. Songs once sung still echo here.”
For more information visit their site.