ZONA: a review of a book about a film about a journey to a room
November 13, 2012
November 23, 2012


By James Marcus Tucker


Saturday 8th December, 2pm
The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, WC1N 1JD London
This One+One Filmmakers Journal screening and roundtable, in association with the London Underground Film Festival, brings together a number of young film theorists to discuss new approaches to the study, reception and criticism of pornography. Advanced, discounted tickets are available for 3.50 GBP + booking fee from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/193736 or you can get tickets at the door for 5 GBP.
Screening and discussion starts promptly at 2pm. Please arrive early.
Due to the explicit nature of the material, this is an adult only event.
Our participants, which include legal scholars, bloggers and academics, offer vital and subversive ways of considering pornography’s central theoretical nodes like power, transgression, bodily integrity, intimacy and censorship. Moving beyond tired pro/anti debates which stymied intelligent debate in previous decades, our speakers confront pornography obliquely in all its problematic, perverse, and ubiquitous glory offering new coordinates for life in a pornified world.
Dominic Fox: Poet, blogger and author of “Cold World: The Aesthetics of Dejection and the Politics of Militant Dysphoria” (2010)
Alex Dymock: PhD candidate at the School of Law at University of Reading, with research interests in criminal law, feminist and queer approaches to justice, and the history of sexuality.
Sarah Harman: Film PhD candidate at Brunel’s Screen Media research department examining pornographic adaptations, and has written on Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, The Story of O and Quills.
Frances Hatherley: Doctoral candidate at Birkbeck, research includes the grotesque feminine in contemporary visual cultures.