Film Challenge 2011: Revolutions in Progress: We Found a Time Machine
August 15, 2012
August 19, 2012
By Daniel Fawcett
I was planning on writing an in-depth article about Jeff Keen’s Films for today’s blog post, but instead I am going to say a few words then send you over to the blog of our friends at BadLit Journal of Underground Film where they have published the truly moving and inspiring eulogy that Jeff’s daughter, Stella Starr, gave at his funeral.
It seems that Jeff’s work is finally gaining the recognition he deserves, recent exhibitions of his work in Paris, New York and in September at the Tate Modern will hopefully set him into the history books where he belongs. He may never be as well known as the likes of Hitchcock or Chaplin but he deserves to be counted as one of the key figures in British cinema, any history without him is, in my view, incomplete.
I could try very hard to describe Jeff’s incredible films but words could do them no justice, I only met him a couple of times so I am in no position to really tell you what he was like as a person and this is why I would like to send you over to read Jeff Keen Eulogy By His Daughter Stella Keen as she knew him better than anyone and describes him and her relationship with him beautifully.