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Exploding Appendix is both an online magazine and a connected collaborative group of artists and researchers (the Exploding Appendix Avant-Garde Art Practice and Research Group), who meet regularly to explore ideas and share in the process of creation. Our mission is simple: the radical application of all arts, and all culture, in the service of a renewed avant-garde that responds intellectually and critically to the vital needs of our time.
Exploding Appendix is a book whose sacred heart has been ripped out and finds itself growing, eternally, as a series of fragmented, incohesive appendices. Deprived of a singular unified core, its pages spew in multiple indeterminate directions, growing in number, pressing with increasing force against the binding that should keep them in place, as if, at any moment, the book could explode and a flurry of pages scatter through the air.
Exploding Appendix is the subsidiary remnants of a philosophical masterpiece. Part wasteland of the once refined, part architecture built of dismembered pieces.
Exploding Appendix uses cultural fragments and artistic expressions to explore philosophical, political and cultural ideas. Bursting through your intestinal tract, Exploding Appendix offers an online platform combining essays, articles, videos, podcasts, photography, comics and other art pieces to provide a multimedia rupture to your pleasant morning stroll.
We hold a suspicious distaste for etiquette of any shade. We like our art brewed in the murky sewers of scandal and controversy; our theory born out of a disregard for tradition. We seek to melt and meld, mince and mash, flip and fuse. We seek to bring the most unexpected together in a feverish gourmet of irreverence.
We like our culture to be challenging and unexpected. Whether it is dark and macabre, strange and absurd, insightful and thought provoking or just plain mesmerizing, we like artistry that doesn’t exactly do what it said on the tin.
We like our politics to be equally challenging. We would like to imagine a future without victims or parasites, where the emancipation of all grounds the fearless invention of tomorrow. Yet we will hold no fetish over which path will take us there. We seek to use thoughts, theories, traditions and ideas like an experimental chef concocting the most unexpected cuisine. No tradition is sacred. All traditions will be ours.

Email: explodingappendix@gmail.com

General editor and Founder - Bradley Tuck