Digestive Tract

September 2, 2012

Richard Heslop’s Floating

Clara Pais and Daniel Fawcett You are more than likely familiar with Richard Heslop’s work, he was the director of classic music videos for bands such […]
September 1, 2012

Barbara Hammer’s Living Cinema

James Marcus Tucker American experimental filmmaker Barbara Hammer has been described as the pioneer of lesbian queer cinema.  But, making short films in the 1970s at […]
August 31, 2012


  By Daniel Fawcett and Clara Pais Part 3 of our new regular column in which we give short personal introductions to those unique gems of […]
August 29, 2012

Prison, Cinema and the Fight against Injustice

Bradley Tuck With Pussy Riot spending time in prison on charges of hooligonism, I thought it was worth taking a trip through the uses, or more importantly, […]