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April 12, 2024
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May 10, 2024

Creative Rhythms for Business (BIPC, Jubilee Library – 14th May 2024 11am-1pm)

How do rhythms work for you? Do you feel like you have enough time to step back from the frantic dash of life and reflect on the rhythms that help shape your business? How can an understanding of rhythms inform the way you approach tasks such as time management and market research? Drawing on intellectual traditions such as rhythmanalysis and movement exercises, we will creatively explore the rhythms that underpin your business or enterprise.

We ask you to bring to the session a particular problem related to time, space or rhythm that you would like to workshop with us. This could be related to time management, market research or something else. For example, do you struggle with managing your time? Do you feel like your customers are working at a different pace to you? What are the temporal and spatial barriers that prevent people accessing your work?

In this session we will:

●Introduce theory of rhythm analysis, drawing especially on thinkers such as Gaston Bachelard and Henri Lefebvre.

●Undertake a few light movement exercises to explore both our own internal rhythms and the rhythms around us.

●Use these exercises to talk through and reflect on our own businesses and anything we might be struggling with.

We will use these exercises as an opportunity to step back, reflect on the rhythms around us and playfully explore different possibilities. We hope to create a fun and creative environment to explore how you might approach your business differently.

The session will be run by Bradley Tuck from Exploding Appendix. Exploding Appendix runs a series of art and research events based in Brighton, as well as shows, films, and performances. This session draws upon and develops exercises from their forthcoming dance show Disrupted Rhythms.

This is an in-person event at BIPC Sussex, located on the first floor of Jubilee Library, Jubilee St, Brighton BN1 1GE

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