Breton – Artaud, or: Manifesto & the Subjugation of Aesthetic Form by Max McNally
January 10, 2021
The Exploding Appendix Project: An Interview with Bradley Tuck
January 10, 2021

The Third Rehearsal for an Exploding Appendix Manifesto


Exploding Appendix is a proletkultist inspired project dedicated to the construction of a revolutionary culture. By constructing schools of collective self-education, our own encyclopaedia, our own dossiers, and our own artistic collaborations, Exploding Appendix seeks to propagandise an international Appendism capable of rupturing the intestinal tracts of global hegemony.
APPENDISM is the violent assault on the entire body: A perceptual rupture conditioned by unforgiving pain, sweats and agony that overflows with the pregnant potency of collective joy.
APPENDISM is fragmented, contradictory, but always incendiary.
APPENDISM is a project of championing the irrelevant and disorganised fragments commonly cast off to the dusty back pages of an otherwise philosophical masterpiece.
APPENDISM is an Encyclopaedism. Like Diderot and his companions, APPENDISTS are those champions of Enlightenment who seek to arrange the fragments into a set of ideas capable of disempowering ‘monarchs’ and decapitating ‘kings’.
APPENDISM is an Avant-gardism. Whether Diderot or Dada, APPENDISTS seek, in form, content and dissemination, the artistic sparks capable of igniting a prairie fire.
APPENDISM is the celebration of all those useless activities that lack utilitarian value, that won’t get you a job, that won’t give you money, that won’t give you status, and definitely won’t WON’T WON’T change the world.
APPENDISM is the condition where that which was deemed useless, becomes potentially dangerous. The useless becomes subversive and is  transformed into an existential threat to the entire body politics.
Bradley Tuck


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