Dr. Scary and Mr. Gory – “Unwritten History of Present.” & “Amphibionic.”
January 10, 2021
oobROY: The Smashed Glass Manifestos – Avant Kinema
January 10, 2021

Federico De Cicco – “Libertas”, “Xwedayê Bedewiyê” & “The Amazon Burning”

Image representing the effort needed for fighting evil deeds as well as
for finding each own freedom


Xwedayê Bedewiyê
Hevrin Khalaf – the Goddess of Beauty
Illustration made in memory of Xwedayê Bedewiyê (Hevrin Khalaf ), a
Kurdish politician and activist who was murdered by pro-Turkey backed
militias last year during a Turkish offensive.


The Amazon Burning
Illustration which echoes the posters and banners made for
demonstrations worldwide. My interpretation to the subject was to create
a striking image which addresses the possible change given by the
planting of trees and the preservation of forests.




Federico is an illustrator based in Monza, Italy.
All his works are made by hand using pastels, charcoals, inks and acrylics, and often a combination of these.
In the last few years he has focused mainly on the creation of editorial images for magazines as well as on poster designs, often communicating ideas linked to social or environmental issues.
At the same time, he also produces more experimental images based
on personal projects or when taking part in art exhibitions.


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