The Postmodern Undead: A Review of Marc James Léger’s Neoliberal Undead
August 28, 2013
Issue 12 Vol. 1 | November 2013
November 4, 2013


By James Marcus Tucker
One+One Filmmakers Newsletter No.1 September 2013
Below is some information on our current issue that you can find on our website and details of what kind of articles we are looking to receive for future issues.  If you wish to write for One+One Filmmakers Journal, please scroll down to see what we have planned and what we are looking for!
Current Issue
Our current issue – number 11 – is now available on our website and free to download. In it you will find the following:
“Capitalist Breakdown: Gumball 3000 and the road movie” By James Riley
“Excess and Austerity: The Films of Kōji Wakamatsu” By Ben Noys
“Horror Film Hong Kong Style: Dr. Lamb” By Garrett Chaffin-Quiray
“Actors: a work in progress” By Vito Maraula
“Infinite Riches in a Little Room: Animation, Puppetry, Manipulation, and the Films of Karel Zeman,” By William Powers
James Marcus Tucker interviews Derek Jarman’s long-time friend and producer James Mackay
“Adventures in… Bigotry” By Bradley Tuck. The issue is concluded with this virtuosic piece of criticism, equal parts filmic analysis and politicised commentary. Bradley’s essay exposes manifestations of so-called bigotry in contemporary film and confronts the hypocrisy that orbits their intrusion into popular discourse.
London Underground Film Festival
On November 16th at the Horse Hospital, One+One will be at the London Underground Film Festival, screening Rosa Von Praunheim’s It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He Lives (pictured above). Made in Germany in 1971, the film is a strong indictment of bourgeois gay German culture and was incredibly controversial upon its release – sparking outrage from gay audiences, particularly at American screenings. Some quotes from the film give a flavour of its thesis:
“Faggots don’t want to be faggots. They don’t want to be different. They live in a dream world of glossy magazines and Hollywood movies”
“Let’s work together with the blacks and women’s liberation. Get involved politically. Being gay is not a career.”
“As the gays are being despised by the square as ill and inferior, they try to become more square to remove their guilty feeling with an excess of bourgois virtues”
We are screening the film and debating its implications and relevance to today’s gay culture. Is it overly harsh and bitter? Does its criticisms still hold true, if they ever did?
The  London Underground Film Festival’s website will go live with details on how to book, very soon.
Issue 12: Trash Cinema – Coming Soon
Just a small heads up about our next issue, to be released before the end of the year.  Issue 12 will focus on Trash Cinema and will feature articles on Paul Morrissey, Bruce LaBruce, John Waters, Mink Stole, Hershall Gordon Lewis, Quentin Tarantino, Antonio das Mort, Glauber Rocha, Blaxploitation, British trash, Rosa von Praunheim, Ralph Bakshi, Susan Tyrrell and Channel 4’s Shameless.  Keep an eye on our website, follow us on twitter or friend us on Facebook to keep informed.
Submissions for issue 13 and beyond
We are currently looking for potential articles for our forthcoming issues:
Issue 13 – Occult, Magick, Evil and the Powers of Horror (Deadline for submissions December 15th 2013)
Issue 14 – Revolutions in Progress II: Internet, Piracy and the idea of the Commons (Deadline 15th May 2014)
Topics can include:
a) The Politics of Piracy
b) Whether free downloads can be compatible with providing directors, actors and artists (etc.) with a living wage.
c) Parallels and differences between film piracy and other mediums (e.g. issues of open access in the sciences)
d) Film as embedded videos, youtube, netflix and how this is transforming how we view films and communicate
e) Film as a means of documenting revolutionary and political event/protests and sharing it via social media.
f) Film as footage that can be leaked, such as in the case of Wikileaks,
g) The digital and cultural commons,
h) Films that deal with issues of communism, communisation, the commons or common ownership in light of debates around the environment and culture.
Issue 15 – General, non-themed issue. (Deadline mid 2014). We are looking for general submissions for this issue on any film, director, genre of theme that you wish to write about.  See our website submissions page for more details about what we are looking for in general issues.
Issue 16 – Science. (Deadline 15th December 2014). Topics and themes we hope to be covered include science documentaries, science fiction, science in avant garde and experimental film & art (from Painleve to Stelarc), the materiality of film itself (i.e celluloid, tape, digital).
James Marcus Tucker, Bradley Tuck and Nick Hudson
The One+One Editorial Team