Issue 9 | December 2012
December 8, 2012
Issue 9 Writers in Profile: An Interview with Marc James Léger on Radical Politics, Cinema and the Future of the Avant-Garde
December 15, 2012

Issue 9 has been released!


By James Marcus Tucker
Yesterday, we launched issue 9 of One+One Filmmakers Journal, and hosted an interesting debate on pornography with a group of young, contemporary thinkers.
Issue 9 is available here.  Please download the free PDF and read some interesting articles taking in elitism, Obama, William Klein, We Need To Talk About Kevin and Daniel Fawcett and Clara Pais’ feature film Savage Witches.  I was able to see this film for the first time yesterday at the London Underground Film Festival, just before our pornography debate, and trust me, it is a true feast for the eyes and ears.
Our pornography debate began with a screening of selected of clips that we felt offered some interesting takes on the genre – including work by Erika Lust, Petra Joy, Curt Mcdowell, Bruce Labruce, Catherine Breillat, John Cameron Mitchell, Larry Clarke, Buck Angel and Mia Engberg.
The debate explored the notion of a “pornified” culture, asked how pornography either shapes or responds to desire, questioned the differentiation and criminalisation of “extreme” pornographies in an otherwise/already violent media landscape, the liberating potentiality of marginal and alternative pornography (the definition of “mainstream” and “alternative” became somewhat contested and questioned!), the concerns or problematics of a “politically corrected” activist porn and ended with some ideas for where the debate around pornographic material must go next in the new digital age.
In February One+One will be releasing a bumper issue on the  pornography genre and a write up/transcription of the event will be included.  We want to say a huge thank you to all of our speakers; Alex Dymock, Dominic Fox, Sarah Harman and Frances Hatherley and much gratitude to the London Underground Film Festival, Diarmuid Hester for his work in promoting the (very well attended) event and the Bird in the Hand pub next door to the Horse Hospital venue that offered much appreciated post-debate alcoholic refreshment.
Remember, One+One offers an ongoing/rolling submission system, so please get in touch if you wish to contribute to future issues!