Babes, Bullets and Blaxploitation: A Coffy retrospective
September 27, 2012
October 14, 2012


By James Marcus Tucker
One+One will be hosting a panel/round-table debate on Pornography and Sex in Cinema at the London Underground Film Festival this December. We are looking for filmmakers or pornographers to join in with the discussion. The round-table will be held infront of an audience and transcribed for our Pornography themed issue, released early 2013.
This One+One screening and roundtable aims to bring together a number of young film theorists and practicioners to discuss new approaches to the production, study, reception and criticism of pornography. Our participants, which so far include legal scholars, bloggers and academics offer vital and subversive ways of considering pornography’s central theoretical nodes like power, transgression, bodily integrity, intimacy and censorship. Moving beyond tired pro/anti debates which stymied intelligent debate in previous decades, our speakers confront pornography obliquely in all its problematic, perverse, and ubiquitous glory offering new coordinates for life in a pornified world.
If you are a filmmaker or pornographer, based in, or travelling to London in December and have experience with, or an interest in the issues that surround this topic, please contact James Marcus Tucker at jamesmarcustucker *at*