Issue 6 | April 2011 | “Revolutions In Progress” Special
April 1, 2011
Issue 8 | July 2012
July 23, 2012

Issue 7 | December 2011

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Editorial by Bradley Tuck


The roots weave and knot as they entrench in the dirt and the grit. They spread their encampment through ever-reaching toil; an endless search for nothing in particular, except sustenance. Each new convulsion carves itself into the retina of the soil. It searches with no clear direction in an unending beginning that fabricates its own base. As it contorts it fashions the foundations of its being and locks into the ground.
The tree, in contrast, saws upwards. “Progress” is its cry, as it battles against the sun’s scorching rays and the rain that ricochets off of its hardened chalky bark. It struggles and reaches skyward, ever grasping for that illuminating light. Its fruit is born, but departs. And it struggles on. Waiting. But reaching.
Where the earth and sky rendezvous we find the centre of its multiplications: One side weaving and grounding; the other striving and reaching, each grasping and redefining its territory.
One+One, which takes its logo from a tree and its roots, seeks to foster growth. It seeks to nurture and nourish filmmaking and film theory through cultivating innovation and experimentation in the cinema and by enriching the debates around film and film history. One+One is a horticultural experiment which seeks to broaden its roots and strive upwards towards the future.

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Somatic Geometry – Jacques Tati’s anarchist aesthetics by Diarmuid Hester
The New Epic Theater of Brent Green by Donna K
Paradise Lost – “Shooting Animals” at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival 2011 by Teresa O’Brien
Re-Interpreting the Violence of A Clockwork Orange by Greg Scorzo
The Panic Attack Productions of George Kuchar by Clara Pais