Issue 2 | August 2009
September 9, 2009
Issue 4 | September 2010
September 25, 2010

Issue 3 | April 2010

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Editorial by Daniel Fawcett and James Marcus Tucker


One+One is comprised of interviews, essays and reports covering all aspects of film making and film exhibition. It is unlikely that you will find film reviews in these pages; personal reflection and opinion are certainly present, but it is not our aim to give bite-size opinions on the merit of individual films. Instead, we want to encourage discussion and debate about approaches to film making, and a deeper questioning into the nature, and future, of the production and exhibition of films.
In each issue, we bring you interviews, essays and reports written by creators, for creators and for those interested in the artist’s process. Rather than something separate, we see analysis and criticism as being another part of the creative process. These articles feed in to our own work, and we hope that – whether you agree with their content or not – they inspire you in some way to do something yourself.
This issue is both a celebration and a warning for those in pursuit of the independent and oppositional path. Chris Brown champions the focused vision of the critic-defying John Cassavettes and Samuel Kershaw discovers truly great comedy never ages. James Marcus Tucker finds that a British independent filmmaker – Ron Peck – can productively straddle experimentation and “industry”, and James Riley explores how the cinema of Peter Whitehead is used to overthrow our collective inertia. Daniel Fawcett’s discovery of Sussex based artist/filmmaker Jeff Keen, however, helps little to encourage the fledgling artist determined to toe the anti-industry/anti-commercial path. But this path must be trod – at least by the determined few – according to Bradley Tuck; for it is with them that our next Enlightenment will come.


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Directors under the Influence – John Cassavetes by Chris Brown
Cinema Revolution or the End of Enlightenment Part 3 by Bradley Tuck
Peter Whitehead and Terrorism by James Riley
Ron Peck – Testing the Water by James Marcus Tucker
Laurel and Hard Lessons by Samuel Kershaw
Out of the Cinema to the End of the World – Jeff Keen by Daniel Fawcett