Issue 2 | August 2009
September 9, 2009

Issue 1 | May 2009

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Editorial by Daniel Fawcett


The Brighton Filmmakers Journal One + One is comprised of interviews, essays and reports covering all aspects of filmmaking and film exhibition. It is unlikely that you will find film reviews in these pages; personal reflection and opinion are certainly present, but it is not our aim to give bite-size opinions on the merit of individual films. Instead, we want to encourage discussion and debate about approaches to filmmaking, and a deeper questioning into the nature, and future, of the production and exhibition of films. The articles collected here have been written by seven filmmakers working together in Brighton.
The writers are contributing personal views and the magazine is edited by all contributors through group discussions. One + One is not to be seen as separate from filmmaking, but is part of the process of making films. The articles have grown out of discussions and the practice of making films and they will feed back into it; criticism and analysis is filmmaking. I hope you enjoy reading this journal. Please contact us if you would like to engage in conversation with us about anything relating to filmmaking; we can be contacted via email or you can meet us by coming to the Brighton Filmmakers’ Coalition on Sundays (see the back cover for details).


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My Independence is More Independent than Your Independence by Daniel Fawcett
Cinema and the Enlightenment to Come by Bradley Tuck
KICK IT OUT – Homophobia in Football by James Marcus Tucker
The Works of Jonas Mekas by Dan Childs
Hotel Bauen Shakes the Tentacles of the Old World and Emerges in a Freer One by Matthew Hamblion
Letter to Derek Jarman by James Marcus Tucker
Brighton Filmmakers Coalition Film Challenge Reports by Fiona Hurd and Tim Pieraccini